Guide – Officer of the Day

The Officer of the Day (OOD) is responsible for ensuring that all the activities associated with Sunday racing for the Enterprise, Mirror, Solo and Laser or handicap fleets run smoothly.  The OOD is not expected to carry out all the duties noted by themselves and may enlist help as appropriate.

The OOD is expected to give up a day’s racing to carry out the duties: they will be credited as having sailed all races on that day and will be given the average of their points for the other races to count in the series, rounded down to the nearest quarter.

Before Racing

  • Be present at the Club at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start (ie by 1030 for the Commodore’s Cup, Vice-Commodore’s Cup and Knock Out Cup; by 1100 on other occasions).
  • Ensure that the urn is filled and switched on.
  • Ensure that the rescue boat is available, is coxed by an authorised person and is adequately crewed for the conditions.
  • Ensure that the rescue boat cox knows what is required of them.
  • Decide on courses appropriate to the conditions and the participants. Post the courses on the board. (Chalk can normally be found either in the drawer of the table under the race results sheets, in or on top of the key cabinet or in one of the drawers in the starter’s box.)
  • Post entry sheets for each fleet sailing.

During Racing

After Racing

  • Ensure that all participants are accounted for.
  • Ensure that the rescue boat and tender have been properly put away and all faults reported.
  • Post the results on the notice board.
  • Ensure that the clubhouse is left in a clean and tidy state.
  • Ensure that the urn is switched off.
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