Club Rules

Points of Note

  • All boats must be insured against Third Party risks.
  • Buoyancy aids must be worn at all times on the loch and pontoon.
  • Those named on the duty rota need not carry out the duty personally but are responsible for ensuring that the duty is carried out by an appropriate person.
  • Members are welcome to arrange racing outwith normal Club events but they must ensure that an authorised person takes responsibility for rescue.
  • All boats competing in club races must conform to measurements set out in their class rules and hold valid measurement certificates as appropriate.
  • The Club accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to Members’ property or injury to persons whilst on Club property.
  • Members have taken on responsibility for organising – not carrying out – particular activities of the club as shown overleaf. Please support them by volunteering to help whenever possible.
  • Members and their guests must use the new entrance. On no account should they attempt to access the club through the grounds of the Tibbieshiels Inn.
  • It is recognised that mobile phones can be useful at the loch, particularly in relation to safety. Members are asked to use such phones with discretion and, in particular, not to allow them to detract from other members’ enjoyment of the peace and quiet at the loch.
  • Members bringing dogs to the loch are reminded of their responsibilities concerning control and fouling. Dogs must not be allowed into the clubhouse.
  • Club boats are available for members of the club to hire. It is the responsibility of those using the club boats to adhere to the information supplied on the noticeboards (within the clubhouse).
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