Training – Kids Zone

For kids of all ages!

We have some great videos and other materials that have been produced to help everyone to learn a bit more about life on the water.

This video is all about navigation and buoyage – colours and shapes of things that tell you where it is safe to take a boat and avoid dangerous areas, especially on the sea or rivers.

The next video tells you about the tides. We don’t need to worry about the tide at St Mary’s Loch, but lots of our members also sail in other places where there are tides, and anyone sailing on the sea should know about the tide and how it affects the water that we are sailing on.

Now try an activity sheet to see what you know about tides: Click Here! (you’ll need to print this to fill it in.)

Clouds are really important when sailing, because they can help us to work out what the weather – and especially the wind – is going to do. That’s something that will help us when out on the water, whether at St Mary’s Loch or anywhere else.

You can Click Here for a printable activity sheet on Clouds.