Work Party 9 March 2024

A very successful “out of season” work party was held on 9 March 2024, when a huge effort was put in. There was a real buzz around the club and it definitely felt everyone was looking forward to the new season and being back at the club.

There is a rumour that some work was done…

A huge amount of jobs were completed:

1. Skip filled – good bye to the faithful red dory that has been with the club for a long long time! Play pontoon separated and disposed (no longer safe).

2. Trench dug, pipe laid, refilled, graded and water pipe and feeder rope installed.

3. Fence installed at gate entrance to discourage walkers from going round the back of the caravans

4. Pebbles on beach regraded

5. Pot holes along track and at entrance filled.

6. Bog at the end of the road into the field filled with Type 1.

7. Kitchen cooker switched over ready for installation

8. Caravan spaces 13 and 14 – regraded and made reusable. Ready for new occupants.

9. Slabs laid for future winter storage of Summerhope (committee boat)

Thanks were given to all who took part to make this a successful day. Photos courtesy of Gerry Goodfellow.

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