Big Kids Camp (Adult Camp) 2024

Northern lights, firemen in uniform, blue light ambulances and sailing galore – what a camp!

A wonderful few days with Lois as SI and a great team of instructors.

We had four teams in a variety of boats and had Mediterranean style weather with sunshine, warmth and good winds. However, no-one mentioned that the water hadn’t warmed up – brrrr!

Fantastic days and great evenings with log fires while staring at a stunning display of the Aurora Borealis over the club house.

There was running and swimming as well as sailing though the “swimming” was mostly running in, screaming, and then running out again!

We had a visit from the Fire Service Water Rescue Team (thankfully just practising rather than being needed!).

We also had a boom to a head and a trip to A&E but after a few hours, Leigh was discharged from hospital and had a curative McDonald’s on the way home!

And then the food –  Michelin Star level cuisine with each night’s team trying to outdo each other – we feasted like kings.

All coming together for the Novice Cup on Sunday which was comfortably won by Toby O’Donnell – very well done.

Thank you so much to the organising team – Lois, Dan, Charles, Hamish, Roger, Mark and Shona. Very much appreciate you all giving up your time to make such a super few days.

Now, after that, back to work for a well-earned rest…

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