Covid19 Update 10 July 2020

This guidance is published based using guidance published by RYA Scotland in accordance with Sport Scotland.

The club is open, with restrictions.

Quick Overview

  • All members may undertake all water sport activities and no travel restrictions apply.
  • The club house remains closed with the exception of using the toilets.
    • Changing rooms, showers and kitchens remain out of bounds.
  • Members with caravans subscriptions may take their caravans down and stay overnight.
  • Members may camp / motorhome overnight for a maximum of 2 nights consecutively.
  • Club racing will not take place in July, but may restart in August.
  • Members must use their own equipment to undertake activities. Use of club dinghies is currently not permitted.
  • Members may sail on their own or with others from the same household as crew.
    • Under 12s may sail in double handers from any family group.
  • Members should only sail in conditions within their given competency.
  • Members are not permitted to invite guests to the club.
  • Members should follow social distancing rules with other members external to their household.

Changing for activities

Members should either:

  • Come dressed for sailing.
  • Change in their car, or use an outdoor towel robe.
  • Change in a Quechua pop-up cubicle for camping £35 which can act as a personal changing room and is available at decathlon or online. Other cheaper brands are available.
  • Change in their caravan, motorhome or tent.

Pontoon and rescue

  • The pontoon is out of bounds for all members except those accessing moored boats or rescue boats.
  • No rescue cover will be provided – unless organised by a committee member on the day.


We are blessed with a wide beach and members should maintain social distancing when launching and recovering their boat – with help only from their household members.

Children should not play or swim in the launching area, but can do so to at the beach end opposite the starter box. Canoeists and swimmers are also requested to launch from this area to prevent congestion.

Restricted times

It is not the intention of the committee to instigate a booking system for sailing or camping unless this proves necessary.

Public access

Whilst members of the public have right to follow the Southern Upland way through the club grounds it does not mean that they can use the club house or wander aimlessly amongst members.

The committee’s has created a guided path for the public which will take them across the top of the camping field and down by the boathouses to the stile and so avoid the front of the club house and the launching beach.

Camping overnight

Members camping with tents or motorhomes may only stay for 2 consecutive nights and should pay their camping fees in the box situated in the club house. When camping members must have self contained cooking facilities or use the BBQ.

Members who have self contained toilets facilities in their motorhome, or a camping toilet, are requested to use these to help with social distancing in the club house toilets.

Tents and motorhomes should be located a distance of 6m part and not block car parking near the club house. Nor should it block the corridor for the public to cross club grounds.

Member are not allowed to bring down caravans unless they have a paid caravan subscription and it is located in their allocated caravan lot.

Looking ahead

Current guidance indicates that the committee may be able to fully open the club house after the 15th July, but we must wait for this to be confirmed.

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