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Covid19 Update 12 September 2020

Covid19 Update 12 September 2020

This guidance is published based using guidance published by RYA Scotland in accordance with Sport Scotland.

The club is open, with restrictions.

Key aspects to rules from the 14 September

  • All members may undertake all water sport activities.
  • The club house:
    • Toilets and changing facilities can be used when the restrictions below are followed.
    • The kitchen facilities can no longer be used for catering.
    • The lounge and main hall can no longer be used as a seating or meeting area.
  • Members may sail on their own or with others from the same household as crew.
  • Members should only sail in conditions within their given competency.
  • Members are not permitted to invite guests to the club.
  • Members should follow social distancing rules with other members external to their household.
  • Members should install the Test & Protect App on their mobile phones.
  • Members should record visit dates to the club using this online form

Toilets and changing rooms

  • No more than 6 people (from a maximum of 2 households) should be in toilets and changing rooms at a single time.
  • If you are able please wear a face mask.
  • Follow Covid-19 prevention rules clearly marked on posters and signs.
  • When using the changing rooms – use the marked spaces only to maintain social distancing. Once changed remove your personal belongings and return them to your car or tent. Alternately:
    • Come dressed for sailing.
    • Change in their car, or use an outdoor towel robe.
    • Change in a pop-up cubicle for camping which can act as a personal changing room and is available at decathlon or online. The Decathlon one is £45. Other cheaper brands are available.
    • Change in your caravan, motorhome or tent.

Pontoon and rescue

  • The pontoon is out of bounds for all members except those accessing moored boats or rescue boats.
  • Children are asked not to play on the pontoon.
  • No rescue cover will be provided – unless organised by a committee member on the day.


We are blessed with a wide beach and members should maintain social distancing when launching and recovering their boat – with help only from their household members.

Children should not play or swim in the launching area, but can do so to at the beach end opposite the starter box. Canoeists and swimmers are requested to launch from this area to prevent congestion.

Camping overnight

  • Members camping with tents or motorhomes may only stay for 2 consecutive nights and should pay their camping fees in the box situated in the club house. When camping members must have self contained cooking facilities or use the BBQ.
  • Members who have self contained toilets facilities in their motorhome, or a camping toilet, are requested to use these to help with social distancing in the club house toilets.
  • Tents and motorhomes should not block car parking near the club house. Member are not allowed to bring down caravans unless they have a paid caravan subscription and it is located in their allocated caravan lot.

Hire of club boats

  • A boat can only be hired by ONE family on a given day and not shared between families.
  • An adult of the family hiring the boat is responsible for cleaning the boat with the appropriate Chlorine solution (located in the club house) prior to use. After use the Chlorine solution is to be poured in to the pebbles beside the starter box and not put into the septic tank. The boat does not need to be cleaned after use.
  • You can pay for boat hire (£5 per day) via WebCollect – as given Covid few people are carrying cash these days (the same applies for camping charges). However, the honesty boxes in the club house remain for those that prefer it.
  • Only Toppers and Topazs can be hired.

Club Guidance on Re-starting Boating

Club Guidance on Re-starting Boating

Please read updated guidance.

This guidance is published by the committee and is subject to change based on updated guidance published by RYA Scotland and the Scottish Government.

The club will remain closed during Phase 1.

The club will re-open, with restrictions, in Phase 2.

It is the intention of the committee to re-open the club in Phase 2 in accordance with restrictions in Scotland. The exact timing will be published on the club website and by email to members after the Scottish Government has confirmed that Phase 2 has started.

Quick overview to club reopening in Phase 2

  • The club will re-open for members to undertake exercise activities, providing all activity is consistent with current Scottish Government guidance on health, physical distancing and hygiene.
  • Club house access will be restricted to:
    • Toilets
    • Changing rooms with social distancing measures
  • Caravans and overnight camping is not permitted in Phase 2.
  • Club racing will not take place in Phase 2.
  • Members should only bring down boats, canoes or windsurfers they intend to use during Phase 2 and store them in the boat park.
  • Members must use their own equipment to undertake activities. Use of club dinghies is not permitted.
  • Members may sail on their own or with others from the same household as crew.
  • Members are not permitted to invite guests to the club and are not to share transportation with others outside their household.
  • Members should not leave their home to undertake exercise or outdoor activity if Scottish Government advice means you should stay at home because you or someone you live with has or has had symptoms of COVID-19, or you are in the most vulnerable category and have been advised to shield from the coronavirus

Club policies during Phase 2

Members should follow social distancing rules with other members external to their household when launching and recovering boats, accessing club house facilities and in the club grounds. It is a members responsibility to use hand sanitiser before and after using padlocks, handles and other touch points.

The committee is investigating a booking schedule system for taking boats down to the club, at the start, for days which are expected to be popular. This system will be announced in the notices confirming our opening date.

When inside the club house members must wear a mask or buff covering their mouth and nose.

Club house

Disinfectant, hand sanitisers and other hygiene products will be in place at the club house at marked hygiene points.

Small children should not enter the club house unless accompanied by an adult from the same household.

A one-way system will operate in the club house. Ladies enter through the female toilets and men through the male toilets. Both genders are to exit through the main entrance.

At all times the kitchen and the soft furnishing area is out of bounds.


Members are responsible for disinfecting the toilet before and after use.

A no-touch soap dispenser and paper hand towels will be available at a single sink. Personal toiletries and towels are not to be used at the sink.

Showers are not permitted.

Changing rooms

Where possible members are requested to either:

  • Come dressed for sailing
  • Change in their car, or use an outdoor towel robe.
  • Change in a pop-up cubicle for camping which can act as a personal changing room. These are available for £45 at decathlon or online. Other cheaper brands are also available.

When not practical, members may use the club changing rooms with the following restrictions:

  • Ladies – maximum 2 ladies changing at once
  • Men – maximum 3 men changing at once
  • Use the changing spaces marked on the floor for social distancing
  • Once changed you must immediately repack your items and move them back to your car. No items are to be left in the changing room
  • Spray the surface you have touched with disinfectant before departing

Younger members are particularly asked to try alternate changing solutions and leave the changing rooms for older members.


The use of the kitchen facilities, utensils and fridges is not permitted.

Members should bring their own pack lunches, utensils and hot drinks which should be consumed outside or in their cars or tent. Members can BBQ provide they maintain social distancing.

Members must bag and take-home ALL of their rubbish for disposal.

Pontoon and rescue

The pontoon is out of bounds for all members except those accessing moored boats and manning rescue.

Under club rules the club is not required to provide rescue cover outside of racing. However, the committee recognises the need to maintain accessibility for members of all sailing levels and will provide rescue cover on limited dates. When confirmed, these dates will be published on the website. If weather conditions are greater than a Force 4 – rescue cover will be cancelled.

When operating the rescue boat will be crewed by members of the same household. Only one boat shall be on the water and remain in an area between a line from buoys D to K and the launching beach. Cover to other areas of the loch will not be provided.

Rescue cover will consist of towing boats needing assistance back to the shore. Sailors will not be allowed on the rescue boat unless there is a risk to their life. Sailors, or their crew, should be prepared to walk back to the club house if requested – while their boat is towed back.

Members are reminded that they should not sail in conditions beyond their competency. If in doubt please choose another form of exercise.

It is popular amongst younger members to practice cap sizing drills as a form of play activity. During Phase 2 parents are requested to prevent such games which can increase the likelihood of a rescue requirement.

The fuel locker is out of bounds to all members except those using the rescue boat.


We are blessed with a wide beach and members should maintain social distancing when launching and recovering their boat – with help only from their household members.

Children should not play or swim in the launching area, but can do so to at the beach end opposite the starter box. Canoeists and swimmers are also requested to launch from this area to prevent congestion.

Sailing times

It is not the intention of the committee to instigate defined sailing times as per age groups etc unless this proves necessary. Instead we ask those members who have the freedom to sail during the week to do that and leave the weekends free for those who cannot.

Public access

Whilst members of the public have right to follow the Southern Upland way through the club grounds it does not mean that they can use the club house or wander aimlessly amongst members.

It is the committee’s intention to clearly mark a guided path for the public which will take them across the top of the camping field and down by the boathouses to the stile and so avoid the front of the club house and the launching beach.

Looking ahead

Phase 3

It is hoped that in Phase 3 the club will be able to allow caravans and overnight camping, and when authorised by RYA Scotland resume some racing. It is currently envisaged that initial races will be handicap races for maximum inclusion.

Phase 4

It is hoped that in Phase 4 the club will be able to resume major events and training.

It is expected that this road map will change as we learn lessons and new guidance is made available to us.

COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Updates

4 April 2020

The following email was sent to members on 08/04/2020 from the Commodore, updating the club’s position with regard to the COVID-19 virus:

On behalf of the committee I hope you and your family are safe and well.

We have been contacting members to form local support groups to help each other through the Covid19 crisis. If you have not been contacted, and would like to take part, please let me know by replying to this email and I shall get you allocated to a support group.

Obviously the 2020 season is not going unfold as was agreed at the AGM. However, we are busy implementing plans for online activities to hold our community together. These plans include:

  • Online ZOOM training
  • Online social ZOOM events such as quizzes
  • Virtual esailing races through Virtual Regatta Inshore
  • Fitness interaction e.g. Strava App cycling and running groups

To help us deliver this online activity a new website will launch soon. I would like to thank Mike Poole for kindly hosting the old website for many years and to David McKenzie and Iain Millar for working on the new website – all of them club members.


Whilst at home – we will organise online club racing  using Virtual Regatta Inshore. It won’t cost you or your family anything. Just visit the website from a computer or download the app on a smartphone or IPad and click ‘play now’ on the inshore game. When you enter the game, you can learn how to use it and compete against others all around the world.

If you want to compete and keep your score, you’ll need to create a login and a user profile. You also have the option of entering the eSailing World & GBR National Championships.

The club will have a VIP account which it will use to organise club races. The maximum sailors allowed in a race is 20, so the we will coordinate events and entries for Sundays. We will start by organising Cadets, Mens and Ladies races to keep things workable, but will adjust based on your feedback.

You can watch an exhibition race organised by the RYA featuring some of Britain’s top races.

Sailing at the club

The club will follow the rules set by the government and support the country. We will only resume sailing at the club when allowed and in accordance with the then current restrictions. It is possible that restrictions may be lifted and re-introduced multiple times.

When we can sail, we will hold inclusive events that allow as many members to participate during that period. Our focus will be on fun and inclusion. At this point it would seem unlikely that any sailing will occur in April and May.

Staying informed

We will send regular emails updating you on online events and when they happen events at the club. Please ensure that s on your safe sender list.

You can also join the Facebook group to interact with other members and post pictures / videos of your activities.

Membership fees

Currently there are no Covid19 grants available to support the club. The club must rely on membership fees. This year is the club’s 60th anniversary – please can I ask everyone, who can, to pay their membership fees, so we can continue sailing for the next 60 years.

We do recognise that the crisis has brought hardship for members and if you are struggling please contact the club treasurer Julie Dickson via email so we can help. Whilst keeping our club grounds functioning is very important our key focus is maintaining our community.

The committee will aim to keep the club cash neutral and suspend any unnecessary expenditure and postpone certain estate commitments until better times.

Our community

We have a wonderful club which is about people, community and connections. Sailing is simply the passion that brings us together. We will do our best to adjust and maintain this community until we can get back on the water.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please do send them to the committee member leading your local support group.



24 March 2020

Following the Prime Ministers statement to the nation last night I have taken the following decisions:

  • The club house and grounds will now be closed to members.
  • Water at the club house although fixed will remain off.
  • The club will be open online until we can re-open the facilities

What does that mean?
We have a great sailing community and we will maintain it. We will do so by organising online training and social events using online tools which may include:

  • Learn how to sail and race
  • Learn to be a race officer
  • Learn first aid theory
  • Learn Power Boat theory
  • Competition to design a Diamond Jubilee celebration polo shirt

This will all be new to the committee, so please be patient and volunteer if you have an idea and the skills to help make it work. The club is open, we are are just adjusting the way we work until normality can return.

In the meantime we will support each other and improve our skills and knowledge online.

Stay safe and stay at home



23 March 2020 – Changes to 2020 Sailing Season

The club committee is setting up a scheme to be in regular touch with members and support where possible. At the very least we hope to organise online social interaction and learning to maintain morale. The committee had an online meeting on Thursday 19/03/2020 and made the following decisions based on the information at the time from the government:

The club will open, but with restrictions and guidelines to support the country during this difficult period. These are as follows:

  • All racing and duties for April are cancelled.

The following events are cancelled:

  • The work party on the 4th April.
  • The Laser and Solo Regatta on the 23 May.
  • The RYA “Try Sailing” event on the 30 May.

Racing and other events in May will be reviewed by the committee towards the end of April.

The following events will definitely take place in 2020, but the dates may need to change:

  • Adult and Kids camp – application will be online – more will follow.
  • The Annual Regatta.
  • The Diamond Jubilee.

Club House At present the club house has a problem with its supply of water, which means the toilets and kitchen are out of use. We will get this fixed and inform you once achieved – until then the club house is not to be used.

Boat and Caravan Park Members can take their boats and caravans down to the club. If doing so, please respect the social distancing rules and other members. I would ask that that groups aged over 60 go in the afternoon and those under 60 go in the morning.

Sailing As per the Prime Ministers briefing today (Sunday 22/03/2020) – we recognise that fresh air is important to maintain well being particularly if enduring long periods of isolation. Therefore, its up to individuals to choose if they go sailing or not, BUT we expect all members to respect social distancing and government advice at the time. Should members choose to sail then please understand the following:

  • Race marks will not be laid until racing starts.
  • The club will not provide safety cover until racing starts.
  • Club rules only require the club to provide safety cover at races.
  • If we can put the red and white safety boats on their moorings, then only members qualified with Power Boat Level 2 may use them to support their sailing activities.
Delay in 2019 Season Opening

Delay in 2019 Season Opening

Dear Members,

As I’m sure you are aware, we agreed that SBC would have access to our premises to undertake the beach regrading works during our closed season. The contractor has been onsite for some weeks and works are ongoing. However progress has been slower than anticipated, not least as a result of the complexities of working in water and recent weather conditions. SBC has issued a revised programme and works are now expected to be complete on 9th April 2019.

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