Welcome back from the Commodore

Written on 19 March 2017 and updated on 7 April 2017

As the days lengthen and the clocks change, thoughts once again turn to a new sailing season at St Mary’s. Personally I haven’t touched the boats since October and am frantically running through some fibreglass repairs while trying to recall where I’ve put bits of rigging and kit before the end of the month. Some things never change!

Committee Changes

But there have been some changes in the club. Alison has moved on to Rear Comm and somehow, I find myself as Commodore. This year the committee has also welcomed Gerry Goodfellow (Vice Comm), Hamish Dobbie and Nic Odling to its ranks. Full details of the committee and those providing support in various arenas are on the blue card and as ever we are keen to hear your views throughout the year. If you would like to help, particularly with fundraising, catering or the bar, then please contact the named individual. 

Social Sailing

We have decided to introduce social sailing on the last Saturday of each month. There will be a safety boat on the water during the day to encourage you out, whether it’s for pottering, practice or just to shake off the cobwebs. The Midge Bite series will run in the evening for those looking for some competition and there are plans to offer limited training during these days - watch the noticeboards for details. We are also hoping people will stay on and socialise around the club in the evening - ideas welcome.

Racing will remain broadly unchanged on Sundays, however there is to be a new racing series. The ‘Super Series’ will run on the last Sundays of the month and will be a fully handicapped format encompassing a range of racing formats including pursuit races and potentially individual handicaps. I’m sure you will have spotted these follow the social Saturdays…if the mojo is there on the Saturday and you’ve not dipped a toe into racing I’d really encourage you to try a Super Series format. There is to be an award for the most improved sailor during the series!!

Duty Rota

A duty rota for all members will also be published this year. This is being organised to hopefully suit everybody’s availability, and once listed I’d respectfully ask that every effort is made to undertake these duties or make arrangements to swap if availability on the day diarised becomes an issue. The committee is hugely aware that safety on the water is a concern for everyone and we must all take a share in looking after one and another. We are only asking for 2 commitments and hopefully this will refresh or expand safety boat skills or introduce you to race administration. 

Club Admin

But some things will also remain the same. The event card will be issued as subs are paid and details the full list of what’s planned for 2017. Plenty of training on offer at both Adult and Junior camp together with our usual annual regattas and cup events.

The committee is continuing to look at improvement in the clubhouse and financial plans and budgets are being pulled together for short and longer term projects.

The foreshore situation with SBC is still unresolved although I can inform you Ruth Vaughn & Keith Milroy recently had a positive meeting with the Council and discussions are ongoing around the snagging on the jetty and regrading of the foreshore.

Open Day

We are also looking at expanding our reach into the community and will again be holding a Fun Day with the Cappercleuch community in May. This will be tied into RYA's Push The Boat Out 2017.

Both Dirty Triathlon and the Scouts will also be using our facilities again this year. If you have further ideas on this and how we can continue to develop our membership I’d be delighted to hear your views.

I very much look forward to seeing you all in the clubhouse or on the water in the next few weeks. And fingers crossed for a bit of sunshine and a steady breeze!

Mark Jones

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