Laser Lakeland and Borders Region Grand Prix

Written on 4 June 2017 and updated on 16 June 2017

Laser Lakeland and Borders Region Grand Prix – Round 3 

We were greeted after our scenic drive through the valleys from Moffatt by a remarkably weather friendly St Mary’s Loch compared to the demanding conditions of 2016 and 2015. The race officer told us it was a Force 4 on the loch and set us a traditional triangle sausage course.

Laser regatta 2017

Tim Keighley from West Riding dominated the first two races though closely competing with Andrew Hewitt of St Mary’s, Ian Fitzg...erald of Port Edgar and Greg Letins from Derwent at the front in full rigs. The first race certainly woke people up with some big gusts and hard work to say nothing of a torrential shower.

We were able to carry on with the same course for race 2 though the wind had dropped a little and a new face got on the podium Phil Hagan from South Shields, whose club is putting in a bid to be a venue for this series next year. 

By the time we started race 3 the wind had shifted sufficiently such that we were almost able to make the windward leg in race 2 in one tack. Unfortunately it necessarily took some time to move the course and the temperature had dropped so many competitors were feeling distinctly chilly and looking forward to their pie and beans. Some even took an early shower and we were down to 14 boats for the final race. As the wind had shifted sufficiently to the SE that we had to have a starboard rounding course which put the windward mark well into the SE shore with a distinct wind curl as you approached the mark and an interesting roundabout effect as boats tacked round it to take on their downwind leg for the sausage – no collisions fortunately. Ian Fitzgerald, series organiser for the Scottish region, took 1st place in this race with Tim Keighley being forced into 2nd. 

Meanwhile the radial results were dominated by youth Tom Burke from Coniston who came 6th overall, fresh from his 7th in the Twiname championships in his Feva – 1st placed of the North Boats. 

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