Dinghy Racing

The club welcomes members of all abilities to take part in racing events and provides training opportunities to increase confidence and skill.
The club runs a Spring, Summer and Autumn series. Trophies for each series are presented at the annual dinner dance in November.
  • Spring series 9th April - 4th June
  • Summer series 1th June - 6th August
  • Autumn series 13th August - 15th October

Fleet Racing

Class racing is held every Sunday morning with two races, back to back. Start time is 1100, a race tends to be about one hour in duration.

  • Enterprise - most popular double hander class sailed at the club.
  • Mirror - a dedicated fleet tend to sail single handed, but double handed entries are always welcome. 
  • Lasers - most popular single hander class sailed at the club with 4.7, Radial and Full rigs.
  • Solo - a single hander with a strong club following.
  • Topper - a single hander which is popular with junior members.

Where small numbers are involved, several fleets may start together.

Open Handicap

Handicap races take place each Sunday afternoon starting at 1400 with two races back to back.

The handicaps used will be those published by the RYA as part of their Portsmouth Yardstick handicap scheme. At the race officer’s discretion average lap times may be used so that faster boats don’t have to wait so long between races.

This series is popular with families as all family members can take part using different boat classes. Junior sailors are encouraged to take part in the novice handicap series.

Super Series

Super Series races are on the last Sunday of the month, with exception of August due to the Annual Regatta.

The format is two short handicap races in the morning followed by a single handicap pursuit race in the afternoon. In a pursuit race, boats start at different times, depending on their handicaps with the aim that they should all finish at the same time.

For simplicity, rather than having a different start for each boat in the fleet, groups of sailors with similar handicaps will be set off together.

In the Super Series we will be using Personal Handicaps. Each sailor will start the series using the Portsmouth Yardstick handicap for their boat, but their handicap will be adjusted after each race. The changes to the handicaps should mean that if the sailors sail to their handicap the adjusted time of each boat should be the same in the morning races while everyone should finish at the same time in the afternoon race. 

Super Series events follow social Saturdays…if the mojo is there on the Saturday and you’ve not dipped a toe into racing then the Commodore is really keen for you to try a Super Series format. There is to be an award for the most improved sailor during the series!! Perfect for the whole family.

Midgebite Series

This series is for experienced sailors and often oeprates without a safety boat. Participants tend to be club racers camping overnight in preparation for fleet racing on Sunday morning. Races are held on Saturdays at 1700.

  • Series 29th August - 15th October

Annual Regatta

This is the club's main annual event and takes place over two days during the English bank holiday weekend in August. the event attracts a large number of Enterprise sailors from all over the country and a significant group of Mirror sailors.

In addition to the excellent competitive sailing the club hosts a ceilidh with dinner and a bar on the Saturday night which is fun social evening for competitors and supporters.

Events calendar

For a complete list of racing events please look at the events calendar.


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