StMLSC Club House

StMLSC Club House

StMLSC Club House PTBO

StMLSC Club House PTBO


The Clubhouse and grounds are for the enjoyment of all members and their guests. Please follow these guidelines to ensure security and safety at the facility.

Opening Up

Please drive slowly through the grounds as often small children will be playing - the club has a speed limit of 5mph in its grounds.

Your member's key will open one of the padlocks on the club gate. Please close the gate behind you to keep the sheep out. The key will also open the front, galley and changing room doors to the clubhouse. 

The electricity supply is switched on using two of the switches on the distribution board located above the galley door: see the notice beside the box. Please do not touch any of the other switches.

The gas supply to the galley is controlled by taps at the tanks and behind the galley door.

The electric fan heaters are set to turn off after pre-determined periods. To turn them on again you may have to pull the string twice. Please be gentle with them.

Feel free to use all the facilities, but please leave them at least as clean and tidy as you find them. All rubbish should go home with you as there is no rubbish collection at the club. Please report any breakages or shortages to a member of the committee.

Closing Down

If you are last to leave, please:

  • Close all windows
  • Check that the starter’s box and garage doors are locked
  • Ensure that there is no food in any of the fridges (if there is, please dispose of it)
  • Ensure that the electric heaters are turned off
  • Turn off the gas and electricity supplies
  • Ensure that all 4 clubhouse doors are secured
  • Ensure that the gate is padlocked.

Dinghy Park

Spaces in the dinghy park are available on a first-come, first served basis. Please don’t take up more spaces than you need: sometimes small craft such as canoes or Optimists don’t need a space of their own. Places can be booked by putting a boat in them; they cannot be booked in advance. The procedure is

  • Find an empty space
  • Check on the list in the clubhouse that it hasn’t already been taken by another member (who may, for example, be away sailing elsewhere)
  • Put your boat in the space and tie it down securely
  • Display a current sticker on the transom of your boat
  • Add your name to the list in the clubhouse
  • Take your road trailer away.


Members and their sailing guests are welcome to camp at the club. Youngsters under 16 must be accompanied by an adult member. The fee (currently £2 per person per night) should be put in the cash box by the galley door. There is plenty of room in the field behind the clubhouse, so please pitch your tent well away from the clubhouse and caravans.

Barbeques are available at the clubhouse.  Please do not light camp fires in the grounds.


Guests are welcome at the club but should be accompanied by a member.


Dogs are welcome at the club, but are not allowed inside the club house. Please ensure that you keep them under control and do not let them present a danger to livestock outside the club grounds. Owners are responsilbe for collecting and taking away dog poo with their rubbish.

StMLSC Club House
StMLSC Club House PTBO