Super Series

At St Mary's Loch Sailing Club
At St Mary's Loch
Starts on Sunday 20 August 2017 at 10:30.
Ends on Sunday 20 August 2017 at about 15:00.

This series involves experienced and novice sailors. It is a great way to involve the whole family in racing.

The format is two short handicap races in the morning followed by a single handicap pursuit race in the afternoon. In a pursuit race, boats start at different times, depending on their handicaps with the aim that they should all finish at the same time.

For simplicity, rather than having a different start for each boat in the fleet, groups of sailors with similar handicaps will be set off together.

Club Topper and Topaz boats are available for members to hire at £5 per day and the fee goes directly into their maintenance.

If family members are sharing boats then please consider using club boats to get the whole family on the water, at the same time, and increase the fun.

There is no pressure to take part in the afternoon pursuit race if individuals are too tired or need to leave early.

RO Briefing: 1030
Morning Races Start: 1100
Afternoon Pursuit Race Start: 1400